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Starting at $5 a month, Hipcast lets new and experienced podcasters focus on their show. Leave the boring stuff to us.

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Complete Podcast Hosting

We take all the hassle out of starting a podcast by automatically submitting them to iTunes, and other directories. Spend more time on what matters!

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Podcast Directory

Just getting started? Hipcast has search optimized directory of podcasts so your can start getting traffic and feedback from your fans.

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Podcast Pages

Everyone who sets up a podcast on Hipcast gets a Facebook optimized channel so your listeners can check out new episodes from any browser.

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Media Server Backup

We consistently and automatically backup our servers so you don't need to worry about losing your multimedia and starting over.

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Fast Podcast Downloads

Our powerful server architecture makes sure that your listeners don't have to wait very long to hear your message.

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Subscriber Experience

Hipcast will never place advertisements on your podcast. You can control your subscriber's experience from start to finish.

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Mobile-Ready Site

Thanks to HTML5 standards, Hipcast is now mobile ready. Our interface adjusts to support all resolutions, and we keep track of new standards.

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Podcast and File Statistics

Want to see how popular you're getting? That's easy. We track your podcast popularity, and well as individual file downloads.


Podcast Importer

Disappointed with your current hosting provider? We can migrate your podcast and manage the setup for you! You can be up and running in a day!

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Did you know?

Podcasting is the most accessible form of syndication. The number of multimedia ready mobile devices has skyrocketed in the past few years, and so has your potential audience!